About the Author

I am a retired aerospace engineer and ship’s officer who likes to design and build things.  I especially like to design and build things that have never been thought of or built before.  I have designed, built, and test flown hang gliders, ultralight aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, and ground accelerators for launching rockets.  I have helped design and build high-performance aircraft such as the F-5, F-18, F-20, F-22, F-35, U-2, SR-71, and the F-117.
I have helped design satellites, space stations, and launch vehicles.  Some of my work is in orbit around the Earth and my name is on a satellite that is headed out of the solar system.  I have done original research and have invented wondrous things.
I am the person who invented the non-rotating Skyhook.  I have multiple degrees and I am a licensed ship’s officer.
Eagle Sarmont