In the Beginning . . . .

In 1903 the Wright brothers made the first controlled sustained flight in a powered airplane.  It was the beginning of aerospace.

In 1919 airplanes began crossing the North Atlantic.

In 1933 Boeing and Douglas introduced the first modern airliners.

It only took 30 years.

The first rocket to exceed 100 kilometers altitude was the German V-2 in 1944.

The first satellite to orbit the Earth was launched in 1957, and shortly thereafter the first manned spacecraft was launched in 1961.

Eight years after that, in 1969, people walked on the surface of the Moon.

It only took 25 years.

The last manned expedition to the Moon occurred in 1972.  The primary reason for stopping was cost and the lack of a realistic vision for how to make it affordable.

It has now been 44 years since people walked on the Moon and we have yet to come up with a workable plan for how to make spaceflight affordable to everyone.

That is what this website is about, a realistic vision that will make spaceflight affordable to everyone, using existing technology and known concepts that can be built and operated for an affordable price.  It’s about “Opening the High Frontier“.


Index of Articles

  1. Opening the High Frontier
  2. Skyhook, a Journey to Orbit and Beyond
  3. In the Beginning . . .
  4. Why do Rockets Cost so Much?
  5. Combination Launch Systems
  6. It’s All About Speed!
  7. Visions of the Future
  8. The Call of an Unlimited Future
  9. Combination Launch Systems, part 2
  10. Outward Bound: Beyond Low Earth Orbit
  11. and someday . . . Starships!
  12. Mars: how to get there
  13. Outpost Space Stations
  14. Dreams of Space
  15. The Moon or Mars?
  16. Skyhooks and Space Elevators
  17. Stratolaunch and the X-15
  18. Starship Congress
  19. Making Spaceflight Affordable
  20. How a Combination Launch System Works
  21. Starship Conference 2017
  22. New Worlds Conference 2017
  23. Opening the High Frontier
  24. Building a Spacefaring Civilization
  25. Space Exploration and the Future

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